Artist statement

Artist statement

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a shoppingmall. All around you people have a hectic look in their eyes. Trying, as hard as they can muster, not to run into another person. Imagine you standing there for a while. Letting it all sink in. When you feel it all in your heart, your skin, imagine you leaving. Taking the elevator to the top of the building. Here, infront of you, is an empty parking lot. The sound of life surrounding you as the emptiness lays before you. You are standing in the middle of nowhere. Fully knowing about the stress underneath you. Do you feel calm? 

The news paper dances in the wind, unwanted, as well for the plastic bags from the market who sells fruit and vegetables. The pallet stands lorn in the streets, with no one ever noticing them (what are they waiting for?). The construction site seems to be a chaotic place, until it all falls into place and become a clean environment for the modern world. 

Collecting these things and put them into context is like building your own world and questioning their function by giving them a new one. Creating a world that people think they know and changing their meaning - is making you look at objects you’ve been looking at a thousand times before, but something odd, something doesn’t add up. It could be real, but then again it may not.

The contrast between the hectic and the calm has a big influence on me. It is the silence, the non existing humans that interest me and ultimately makes me take a picture. 


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